Reel Rejects

001 x 001 Vecna Game T-Shirt

$30.00 USD

I knew I didn’t like the old man in squid games or that creepy blonde dude in Stranger Things. Whatever the opposite of nipple chills is, they gave me that. Nipple sweats, maybe? Anyway, we mashed em up and the result is both amazing and so, so creepy.
The games in this world are simple.
1. Karaoke your favorite 80's song.
2. Play tug of war with a tentacle.
3. Don’t fall into the upside-down.
The entire thing is a metaphor for D&D and capitalism.

• Classic fitted tee
• Durable and comfortable
• Made from 100% cotton
• Machine wash, tumble dry low
T-Shirt Sizes:

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