Top Five T-Shirt

$30.00 USD
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“No Godfather Part II!”
“No, no, no it’s 2001: A Space Oddysey!”
Does this sound like you?
Are you in a constant fight with yourself to figure out which movies belong in your top five?
Maybe it’s something more specific, like your top five MCU movies, or top five indie rom-coms - either way, now you can wear your top five on a completely customizable t-shirt. All you need is some hard opinions and a sharpie to write your top picks on the spines of these VHS tapes!
Just remember to put The Room!

Note -
Sharpie markers will not wash off after applying your picks, so choose carefully!

Product Details
• Classic fitted tee

• Durable and comfortable
• Made from 100% cotton
• Machine wash, tumble dry low